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All over MALBE Connect you will come across the term “landed costs.” Should you conduct any form of business with our international logistics divisions you can be pretty sure your agent will use the term as well. So what does it mean and why do we harp on it so? […]

Landed Costs – Imports

Dealing with your international supplier is not quite the same as dealing with local suppliers. There are a number of unique issues you may face, least of which is cultural and language barriers. At first glance this may seem a mundane topic but we encourage you to read to the […]

Dealing With Your Supplier

Deciding what to import   Every so often we at MALBE Imports are asked the question “what should I import.” While we are flattered that you believe that we have all the answers, sadly we don’t. The question is all but unanswerable. Over time though we have set to thinking […]

What Should I Import

Letting your supplier ship directly or “shipping included.”  Is this a good idea? The answer is yes, sometimes and absolutely not.   “Shipping Included” is a phrase we at MALBE hear more often than we would like. Not only because one of our largest channels of business is international shipping but rather because our […]

Should You Accept “Shipping Included”

Below is a simple and fast comparison between air and sea freight.   PROS CONS Air Freight Air Freight ·         Very fast transit time ·   Cost ·         Good for time sensitive and or perishable cargo ·         Capacity – there is far less space on any aircraft than on any […]

Sea Freight vs Air Freight – Pros & Cons

A request we often get at MALBE Imports is information on how to import clothing.   Firstly you need to consider if your clothing import would be for personal use or if you’re looking to start a clothing import business. If the latter then this article is for you, if it’s only […]

Import clothing