Global Trade

Customs are the official government department who administer and collect duties/ taxes levied on imported goods. Customs duties are levied with a twofold aim namely raising revenue and local market protection. Raising revenue is self explanatory and essentially the propose of all taxes and so we will no delve too […]

Customs Duties and VAT

Whether you are start-up, expanding, repairing or even importing for resale MALBE M.E.I.S (Machinery and Equipment Import Specialists) is your one-stop solution to a smooth, knowledgeable point-to-point import. We cover all industries – if it’s a machine or piece of equipment we can facilitate providing a cost effective solution from […]

Machinery and Equipment Import Specialists

Little known fact, a very large percentage of air freight cargo travels in the bellies of passenger planes and not always in cargo planes as one might expect. This is done in order to maximise airline profits, simultaneously minimising air freight cost (among other reasons). Normally it is a win-win […]

Air Freight During Peak Season

All over MALBE Connect you will come across the term “landed costs.” Should you conduct any form of business with our international logistics divisions you can be pretty sure your agent will use the term as well. So what does it mean and why do we harp on it so? […]

Landed Costs – Imports

Dealing with your international supplier is not quite the same as dealing with local suppliers. There are a number of unique issues you may face, least of which is cultural and language barriers. At first glance this may seem a mundane topic but we encourage you to read to the […]

Dealing With Your Supplier

Deciding what to import   Every so often we at MALBE Imports are asked the question “what should I import.” While we are flattered that you believe that we have all the answers, sadly we don’t. The question is all but unanswerable. Over time though we have set to thinking […]

What Should I Import

Letting your supplier ship directly or “shipping included.”  Is this a good idea? The answer is yes, sometimes and absolutely not.   “Shipping Included” is a phrase we at MALBE hear more often than we would like. Not only because one of our largest channels of business is international shipping but rather because our […]

Should You Accept “Shipping Included”

Below is a simple and fast comparison between air and sea freight.   PROS CONS Air Freight Air Freight ·         Very fast transit time ·   Cost ·         Good for time sensitive and or perishable cargo ·         Capacity – there is far less space on any aircraft than on any […]

Sea Freight vs Air Freight – Pros & Cons

A request we often get at MALBE Imports is information on how to import clothing.   Firstly you need to consider if your clothing import would be for personal use or if you’re looking to start a clothing import business. If the latter then this article is for you, if it’s only […]

Import clothing

There are a number of different types of stops and entities who can request for the goods to be stopped or examined. Cargo could be examined for contraband or it may be a simply spot check, for accurate customs submissions, accurate tariff classifications, including but not limited to quantities and descriptions.   Below […]

Boarder, Port and Customs Stops

Certain items, imported into South Africa, require extra import permits, or are considered controlled.  It would be nearly impossible to list every item as well as the variation of permits required, but below is some of the more obvious ones you can look out for. The good news is that MALBE can and […]

Import Permits

Many of the points raised below are based on airfreight but will translate equally as well when dealing with sea freight. The factors that can delay a shipment are very diverse, listed below are just a few shipping time factors: Suppliers: Suppliers are sometimes unavailable or unreachable at the time of shipping arrangements. […]

Factors Which Influence How Long a Shipment Takes

Considering import-export for the first time or simply looking for a way to streamline your import-export process, why not take advantage of our global network of suppliers, agents, industry knowledge and excellent rates. We are able to offer turnkey services, with or without registrations or will tailor make a service […]

MALBE Imports | Freight

Landside charges are fees that ports and / or operators charge for the handling of your cargo. This may include (or be grouped) all / part of the below; TERMINAL HANDLING MERCHANT HAULAGE LUMP SUM CLEANING TURN IN NAVIS UPDATE CARGO DUES TRANSFER FUEL SURCHARGE UNPACK DRO EDI COLLECTION   […]

What are Landside Charges

Importing samples is in most cases the best option available for judging product quality. In fact, should your product allow, this is always advisable. Not only does it afford you the opportunity to assess your product quality but your supplier quality as well. There is however an unavoidable drawback, importing […]

Import Samples

Importing Cell Phones / Mobile Phones to South Africa can be a shade more difficult than one might think. As a result of permits, required from the ICASA [Independent Communications Authority of South Africa], it may not be viable at all, provided you are financially able to do it large scale. Below we will lay out, as per […]

Import Cell Phones

It is worth noting that individual shipping lines may have slightly different measurements but these would be negligible.    Description          Dimensions  Volume     Max Weight  Standard 20FT  5.9 x 2.35 x 2.393M  33.2 CBM  21 770Kg  Standard 40Ft  12.036 x 2.35 x 2.392M  67.7 CBM  26 780Kg  High Cube […]

Container Sizes | Specs

Basics It is important to remember that import costs work on a sliding scale and are not strictly percentage based. In other words, no two calculations will be the same even if it is the same product. Any changes in your “input information” [quantities, unit cost, shipping dimensions, shipping weights, collection & delivery address etc] will change the outcome […]

Import Costs Broken Down

What is EXW EXW EWX stands for “Ex Works” which in short means that the consignee (yourself) are liable for all costs (collection from supplier, export charges, freight charges and import charges). It is for the most part advisable to try avoid these terms as it is inevitably more costly to you. What is FOB FOB FOB stands for […]

Incoterms Simplified

First of all it is important to note that grey or parallel imports are not the same as counterfeit products. Counterfeit products are illegal in most countries, including South Africa, so it stands to reason that the importation of counterfeit products is illegal.   The biggest defining difference between grey […]

Parallel Imports