One-on-One Import Training

There are four major ways to complete a successful import: Use our services, work your way though our guides, book a one-on-one training session or the hard way

Working your way through our guides will undoubtedly teach you what you need to know, to successfully complete an import and we certainly suggest this for everyone. However, if you are not the type for reading or prefer your information condensed and personalised, you may consider booking a one-on-one import training session.

You will receive all of the information you require but it will be a tailor made version, meaning you will not need to sift through a lot of information which may not be applicable to you. We will discuss (by phone) your particular needs and cover all the aspects of your future import. Sessions, where applicable, will include a full breakdown of your landed costs (including taxes and duty calcification), so you will know exactly what your import will cost, leaving you able to make the final decision without risk.