Whether you are start-up, expanding, repairing or even importing for resale MALBE M.E.I.S (Machinery and Equipment Import Specialists) is your one-stop solution to a smooth, knowledgeable point-to-point import. We cover all industries – if it’s a machine or piece of equipment we can facilitate providing a cost effective solution from a single source of supply.

Unlike many of our competitors our greatest strength is in our understating of final implementation and functions of products and services. We can in many cases even assist with specification, we have been there and understand the challenges from the clients perspective.

Continued advancement in our global footprint enables MALBE to provide turnkey solutions to many project or venture specific circumstances. Effectively and efficiently joining two markets anywhere in the world.
Key benefits:

  • No registrations necessary
  • Peace of mind
  • Dedicated agent start to finish
  • Little to no involvement in process, other than original request
  • Reduced freight expenditures
  • Unrivaled industry knowledge
  • All imports are “pre-screened” for potential risk of regulatory entanglement
  • Key understanding of final functions (of the equipment itself)
  • Reduced pitfalls due to lack of application understanding
  • Realistic “bankable” deadlines


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