Global Purchasing

Employing GPO (group purchasing organization) strategies and techniques where ever possible, MALBE is able to achieve significant gains for subsidiaries, associates and client alike.

Unlike many of our competitors, our greatest strength is in our understating of final implementation and functions of products and services. We can in many cases even assist with specification, we have been there and understand the challenges from the clients perspective.

Global Distribution

With a global footprint and representation on every continent, MALBE is well-positioned to represent, manage and distribute not only a number of our own brands but those of others too.

Benefiting from in-group expertise, products and services (as well as a vast network of associates, agents, services providers) we have successful completed hundreds of individual brand introductions (directly & indirectly), many of which have gone on to become “household names.”

Merchanting Trade

Continued advancement in our global footprint enables MALBE to provide turn-key solutions to any project or venture specific circumstances. Effectively and efficiently joining two markets anywhere in the world.

All too often buyers are limited by location – geographic, economic, political or social – making projects or ventures far more costly than they need to be. We aim to close the gap, simplifying and streamlining the process, ultimately resulting in reduced external expenditure and increased profits.

Global Logistics

Whether you are shipping a pallet across town or expediting a shipment halfway around the world, MALBE is your single source of supply – a one-stop-shop for all your transportation needs.  MALBE  will customize your transportation service to suit your needs, and possibly far more importantly, your budget.

Quality Assurance

Where the MALBE mark is displayed, quality will follow. MALBE associates are diligently screened and accessed for quality control procedures, measures and contingencies. All associates are required to subscribe to a code of ethics wereby installing peace of mind and accountability.

Project Management

Solutions from concept and  design, to project management, supplies and maintenance.

Clients are provided with enhanced yet flexible solutions with cost reduction, improved production topping the list of priorities. Our engineering prowess, backed by our logistical capacity and widespread industry exposure translates to our customer confidence.